CM Lodestar: A Top Performer!

From the most recognized manufacturers in industry to show stoppers in arenas, night clubs and theatres, the CM Lodestar is the brand that more workers trust. American Crane and Equipment can supply you with this Electric Chain Hoist which has tackled the toughest jobs in the most stringent manufacturing environments around the world. In entertainment, many of today’s top performers rely on the inverted CM Lodestar or “Chain Motor” to delicately position lighting, scenery, and sound equipment.
CM Lodestar
Next time you’re hard at work in a manufacturing facility or relaxing at a rock concert, play, or musical – look up! Chances are a CM Lodestar is in place handling lifting and positioning needs. With its reputation for durability, reliability, and low maintenance, the same hoist may still be there a half-century from now. NOTE: Parts and accessories are available for specific applications.
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