American Crane Sponsors National Nuclear Science Week

Did you know that 18 million nuclear medicine procedures are performed per year in the United States, or that 20 percent of our electricity is generated by nuclear power? Nuclear science plays a much bigger role in our daily lives than many Americans are aware of which is why “National Nuclear Science Week” was created. From October 21st to October 25th, organizations all over the country, including the Department of Energy, partner to promote National Nuclear Science Week to help spread awareness about the technology and career opportunities in the field.

American Crane supported these efforts by contributing to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During National Nuclear Science Week, the museum offered a week long program filled with educational activities for 673 middle and high school students and teachers throughout the Albuquerque Public School System. Sponsorship of the program enabled the museum to provide students with bus transportation and an agenda that included energy related activities that delved into the center of an atom, the Periodic Table, nuclear fuel, Nano science, magnetism and more. Focus areas were creatively turned into themed days entitled: “Get to Know Nuclear”, “Nuclear Careers”, “Energy Generation”, “Safety” and “Nuclear Medicine & Radiology”.

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