American Crane & Equipment provides more reasons why Overhead Lifting is the solution!


Control Your Load from a Safer Position

Radio remote controls and independent traveling pushbutton pendants allow the operator of Overhead Lifting Solutions to stand away from the load. This means that the operator is further removed from danger which reduces the risk of injury, and allows for a better view. In addition, it limits the risk of accidentally maneuvering the load into other workers in the area, walls, machinery, or other obstacles.

Safe and Effortless Maneuvering

With Overhead Lifting Solutions such as bridge cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes, 90 degree maneuvers are typical. Monorails are often relied upon to increase efficiency by easily positioning materials along a set path. American Crane and Equipment can provide you with Overhead Lifting Solutions that range from manually operated systems which carefully spot loads, to highly automated systems which maneuver with the precision of one thousandth of the rated speed to an exact location.

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