6 Industries That Use Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are adaptable tools that are vital to the safety and success of numerous industries. They can be customized for any space, including challenging environments where space is limited, and greatly increase manufacturing abilities. As a leading manufacturer, American Crane has been designing innovative solutions to fit the specific requirements of many industries. Here, we discuss the six of the many industries we serve for overhead crane applications.

1. Automotive and Transportation

Automotive and TransportationA popular use of overhead cranes within the automotive industry is on assembly lines. They move automotive materials along different stations until the end product is completely built, making assembly lines much more efficient. In the transportation industry, overhead cranes assist with unloading ships. They greatly increase the speed at which large items can be moved and transported.

2. Aviation

AviationThe aviation industry is similar to transportation and shipbuilding in that heavy components are moved along an assembly line and precisely placed within an ongoing construction project. Cranes within the aviation industry are mainly used inside airplane hangars. Within this application, an overhead crane is the best option to move large and heavy machinery accurately and safely. Additionally, the reliability of overhead cranes makes them an excellent choice when dealing with expensive items because an unreliable crane presents costly delays.

3. Concrete Manufacturing

Virtually everything in the concrete industry is large and heavy. Due to this fact, overhead cranes make everything easier. They are efficient at handling premix and precast and are much safer than using other types of equipment to move these items. Within the concrete manufacturing industry, bridge cranes are typically used inside the factory and gantry cranes in the yard.

4. Metal Manufacturing

Overhead cranes are essential to metal manufacturing, and are used for a variety of tasks. For example, they can be used to handle raw materials and melting buckets, or load finished sheets of metal. In this application, it is not only heavy or oversized materials that require a crane’s strength; cranes are also necessary to handle molten metal so workers can keep a safe distance. Specialized attachments can be added to move different types of metal products, such as spools of wire.

5. Power Plants

Power PlantsPower plants need to remain constantly functional, as any downtime can cause a blackout. For this reason, power plants must be capable of fixing any problem that might arise quickly. Overhead cranes are perfect for this application because they remain in place and are ready to be used the moment a problem arises. They also save valuable workspace and deliver a reliable performance that saves time and money on repairs.

6. Shipbuilding

Ships are complicated to build because of their size and shape. Moving large, heavy objects around inside an oddly shaped area can be nearly impossible without the right specialized equipment. An overhead crane makes it possible to freely move tools around a slanted hull. Most shipbuilding companies use wide overhead gantry cranes, which are excellent in heavy fabrication applications.

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A vast number of industries rely on cranes to complete work safely and efficiently. Even within individual industries, there are numerous applications for industrial overhead cranes. If you work with large, heavy, or dangerous items or in a location where broken machinery needs to be fixed immediately, a non-movable crane is an excellent solution.

At American Crane, we believe that grit matters, and we persevere with integrity to deliver quality products. To learn more about our solutions for your specific application, request a quote or contact us today. You can also check out our product catalog and familiarize yourself with the products and specialized equipment we offer.

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