American Crane’s Online Store Offers a Variety of Standard and Customized Products

From construction to nuclear power, waste handling and warehousing, there are thousands of different applications for cranes.  American Crane has something in our inventory that can assist you with your heavy-lifting needs.  View our online store to see what we can do for you.

Meeting Your Heavy-Lifting Needs

American Crane can provide a wide variety of equipment for any application.  Whether it is for cargo-handling or bridge repair travellers, we have the equipment that you need.  Along with our in-house brand of equipment, we also provide products from manufacturers such as:

  • American Crane StoreBudgit® Hoists
  • Columbus McKinnon®
  • Yale® Hoists
  • Coffing® Hoists
  • Little Mule®
  • And Many Others

Our staff of highly-trained engineers will provide their expertise and skills to design cranes that meet all the demands of the applications for which they are being used.  Structural design analyses, dynamic modelling and other tests are conducted to ensure that your cranes can stand up to the task.

Custom Cranes for Specialized Jobs

One crane doesn’t fit all types of jobs.  Sometimes the workspace is unusual and requires something out of the ordinary.  Maybe your factory has low ceilings, but needs a crane to lift some of the heavy equipment or stock, or you handle hazardous materials.  American Crane can manufacture the material handling equipment that you need to keep your business running smoothly and safely.

We offer a wide variety of crane types including:

  • Single and multiple girder cranes
  • Open deck hoisting machinery
  • Gantry cranes
  • Jib cranes

These cranes can be customized to fit any type of job needs you may have up to a 1,000-ton capacity.  No matter what the application for your new crane, American Crane will be able to provide a pre-engineered or custom-engineered crane to suit your industrial handling requirements.

Cranes Parts and More

The American Crane product catalog offers over 80,000 items to ensure that any needs you have for repairs or new equipment are met.  Tractor drives, bases and counterweights, bridges, motors and more are all available to get your crane functioning normally again.  From something as small as a switch to much larger parts, we are able to assist you in keeping your business running smoothly.

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