Columbus McKinnon Corp. Equipment Available at American Crane

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is proud to be an authorized stocking distributor of CMCO Columbus McKinnon equipment and lifting systems.

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American Crane & Equipment Corporation is proud to be an authorized stocking distributor of Columbus McKinnon Corp. brand equipment and lifting systems. We offer unparalleled product quality and customer care, cost-effective replacement parts and services, and same day shipment of our stocked products.

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Celebrating 140 years of success in the crane industry, CMCO focuses on offering customers products that ensure crane safety and the highest quality for both commercial and industrial applications. CMCO parts appear in applications across every industry from aerospace, oil, and nuclear operations, to forestry, water treatment, hospitals, and more.

Choosing the right equipment is critical to ensuring a safely and successfully operated facility. American Crane provides customers with the best solutions to overcoming the challenges of manipulating large objects with extreme precision.

Our CMCO product line contains a broad variety of lifting components including beams, anchor point mechanisms, below the hook attachments, jib cranes, trolleys, hoists, slings, clamps, actuators, forestry tools, levers, and rigging components. No matter the size of your load or the specifications of your facility, our team of experts can help you find the perfect material handling solution to match your needs.

American Crane proudly carries hundreds of variations of the following CMCO lifting products, including:

  • Hoists
    • Hand Chain Hoists
    • Lever Hoists
    • Air Chain Hoists
    • Air Wire Rope Hoists
    • Electric Chain Hoists
    • Electric Chain Wire Hoists
    • Manual Trolleys
    • Powered Trolleys
    • Test Stands
    • Pullers
  • Rigging
    • Shackles
    • Trolleys
    • Herc- Alloy 1000 and Dual Rated Chain Slings & Components
    • Herc Alloy 800 and Dual Rated Chain Slings & Components
    • Rigging Hardware
    • Below the Hook Attachments
    • Heavy-Duty Crane Hooks
    • Transport Chain & Attachments
    • Specialty Chain & Components
    • Entertainment Rigging Products
    • Dixie Industries Forestry Tools

Since 1875, Columbus McKinnon Corp. has built an internationally trusted reputation in the crane and material handling industry. On a continuous mission to supply customers with the most innovative products on the market, CMCO has acquired a multitude of leading manufacturers to vastly expand its network and product offerings over the years.

American Crane is proud to partner with CMCO to provide the highest quality and safest lifting equipment, parts, and services to our customers. In addition to our extensive offering of CMCO lifting products, we also carry products and parts from the following CMCO brands:

  • Abell-Howe
  • Budgit® Hoists
  • Chester Hoist
  • Coffing® Hoists
  • Little Mule
  • LodeRail
  • Yale® Hoists
  • Shaw-Box®

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