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  1. Our Latest Innovation: The Norheim Hoist Line Engineered for Safety, Reliability & Flexibility

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    A Tradition of Service and Expertise

    In 1960, as the sun rose above the town of Lygra, Norway, a young man left his home to begin a journey that would ultimately lead him to the United States in search of the American Dream. As a new engineer, he traveled lightly, bringing just a quest for knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    Now, as American Crane & Equipment Corporation’s President and CEO, Oddvar Norheim channels this passion for learning, innovation and excellence into every product our company manufactures.

    American Crane TeamFor over 45 years, in markets ranging from energy to aerospace, American Crane has become a leader across industries, helping customers solve their material handling problems.

    Keeping quality and functionality at top of mind, our team has addressed challenges and developed solutions for countless applications, and we are proud to apply these years of expertise to our latest innovation: The Norheim Hoist Line.

    Introducing the Norheim Hoist Line

    The American Crane Norheim Modular Hoist Line is the result of years of engineering culminating into a high quality, configurable design utilizing readily available, commercial components.

    The Norheim Hoist can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, providing versatility across applications and with unmatched reliability, ruggedness, and cost effectiveness.

    The Norheim Hoist Line is easily configurable to match the unique needs of different industries, allowing for flexibility in speed, capacity and operational requirements.

    Available in capacities ranging up to 160 tons, the Norheim Hoist can be fitted to monorails, top-running trolleys, and dual rail underhung trolleys, with single and double reeved configurations.

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    The Latest Evolution in Design

    The Norheim Hoist’s standard control configuration is an inverter drive in conjunction with a compatible motor. The inverter offers optimum utilization of the motor’s output and allows precise positioning of the load.

    For enhanced productivity, the hoist’s lifting speed can increase for loads weighing up to 30% the rated load capacity, and two-speed hoists and trolley controls are available up to 20 Horsepower, using standard magnetic contactor controls.

    The Norheim Hoist Sets Itself Apart With:

    • Capacities Up to 160 Tons
    • Competitive Pricing for a Configurable Hoist
    • Versatility for a Wide Variety of Applications
    • Engineering for Safety, Reliability & Flexibility
    • Utilization of Readily Available Components
    • Increased Speeds for Loads Up to 30% of Rated Capacity
    • Long Lift Capabilities
    • Being Built to Last
    • Easy Configuration for Foot Mounted, Monorail, or Double Rail

    The flexibility customers receive when choosing American Crane’s Norheim Hoist makes this product perfect for all customers and applications in any industry and for every project.

    Commitment to Excellence

    Duobox CraneThe new Norheim Hoist Line reflects both extensive industry expertise and a deep understanding of what it means to meet our customers’ needs.

    At American Crane, we provide quality products backed by industry experience and technical know-how. Our commitment to outstanding customer service has been our leading driver in developing a hoist with the best quality in the market at a competitive price.

    The Norheim Hoist Line meets the requirements for both the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) Spec # 70 and the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) Class H-4 Hoists.

    Duty Class Ratings in accordance with CMAA:

    • CMAA CLASS D Duty up to 60 Ton Capacity
    • CMAA Class A & B from 70 to 160 Ton Capacity
    • For CMAA Class E & F and Custom Designs, Consult Factory

    Our extensive experience ensures customers the most reliable option for overhead material handling solutions. We believe proper lifting systems are essential in helping to operate manufacturing facilities safely and efficiently. To ensure the safest possible environment, we maximize floor space and systems to the highest potential, enhancing the best environment for workers.

    The American Crane Norheim Hoist Line is built to last, providing top of the line ruggedness that ensures durability. American Crane sets high-quality standards by maintaining in-house resources for engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, installation and field service.

    When you buy an American Crane Norheim Hoist, you can buy with the confidence that it will be on the job for many years to come.

    Learn more about our solutions by downloading the American Crane Overhead Equipment Guide, or reach out to our team for more information about the new Norheim Hoist Line.

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