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  1. Keeping America’s Bridges Well-Traveled And Safe

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    America’s infrastructure is all over the news these days.  A recent report claims that U.S. highways and bridges will need a staggering $2.5 trillion in upgrades just to survive for the next few decades. It is a fearsome number especially during a time when cutting back on spending is one of the main things on Washington’s mind. No matter who is in power, someone is going to have to deal with the infrastructure problem. Our country survives and prospers thanks to the roads and bridges that move our people and transport our goods.

    At American Crane, we do our part by manufacturing industry-leading custom bridge maintenance crawlers. Our innovative bridge maintenance and repair travelers offer public and private bridge owners a wide gamut of benefits:

    • Fewer lane closures
    • Safe and reliable access to inspect and maintain the underside of bridges
    • They are self-propelled and are extremely user friendly
    • Offer on-board man lifts and stainless steel weather hardened construction
    • A redundant “Drop Capture System” that prevents traveler separation for bridge

    It is small wonder indeed that some of America’s most famous suspension bridges, including NYC’s iconic Brooklyn and Queensborough Bridges, not to mention Michigan’s famed Mackinac Bridge, rely on American Crane for their upkeep and repairs.
    We hope that more people can look beyond aisle-wrangling politics and see that fixing our infrastructure is not something the country can afford to put off for much longer. At American Crane, we will keep our fingers crossed and keep manufacturing travelers that will help save America’s bridges for the next century.