Rigging Equipment for Art Installation

INDUSTRY: Construction
APPLICATION: Rigging of Nets for Art Installation
PRODUCT: CM Master Links & Rings
SERVICES: Product Distributor
CM Master Links & Rings


To securely attach an aerial art sculpture to nearby buildings and structures. The sculpture weighs nearly 3500 lbs and is made of 145 miles of braided fi ber and 860,000 hand/machine made knots.


To provide customer with strong metal links so the sculpture could be suspended above a highly traveled public area.


The CM Master Links and CM Master Rings connected the braided material of this traveling sculpture (entitled “Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks” created by Janet Echelman) to the existing city architecture. These CM Herc Alloy links and rings have working loads from 10,000 up to 86,000 lbs; that strength enabled the sculpture to safely hang between Vancouver, Canada’s 24-story Fairmont Waterfront and the Vancouver Convention Center, without jeopardizing pedestrians below.