Overhead Bridge Cranes

American Crane & Equipment Corporation supplies a wide range of complex overhead crane systems and heavy lifting tool solutions, including overhead bridge cranes and workstation bridge cranes available in multiple configurations.

Frequently used in industrial environments, overhead bridge cranes offer reliable stability and efficiency for managing loads or various capacities in loads of various capacities capable of lifting extremely heavy loads.

Industrial Bridge Crane Models

Available in various styles, bridge cranes are specifically designed for heavy lifting and can easily handle weights of 100 tons or more.

  • Overhead Bridge Cranes: Overhead bridge cranes are available in both single and double girder builds. Single girder bridge cranes operate with one girder supporting a trolley and hoist. Double girder bridge cranes rely on the extra support of two bridge girders, and can provide better headroom than a single girder crane.
  • Workstation Cranes: Operating on an enclosed track, this style of crane is known for its consistent ease of operation and full range of movement.

The two primary bridge crane configurations are known as “top running” and “under running.” A top running trolley rides on the top of the runway beams where as a under running bridge rides on the bottom flange of the runway beams.

Bridge and Design Flexibility: The Boeing Project

Extremely versatile, bridge crane systems can be crafted to fit almost any application. In the case of American Crane’s collaboration with Boeing, for instance, our team built and installed an 80-ton-capacity underhung bridge system without any use of columns.

The pre-engineered, modular design of bridge cranes can be easily expanded for large operations or business growth. Runway length, additional bridges, and freestanding support assemblies can also be added as needed. A single runway system can accommodate multiple bridges for increased productivity and flexibility, and the option of trussed steel tracks permits longer operating spans.

The team at American Crane took advantage of all of these unique benefits when creating a system for Boeing. The end product consisted of 14 interlocking underhung bridges; 12 of these bridges were suspended in Boeing’s main hangar bay. The system’s two auxiliary runways were each equipped with an underhung interlocking bridge. This unique design allows operators to link up to three adjacent bridges together at once to lift very wide loads.

Overhead Bridge Crane Applications

With versatile design options and heavy lifting capabilities, bridge cranes are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Some key industries include:

  • Metal Refining: Overhead cranes handle raw materials and workpieces through every step of the manufacturing process.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Overhead cranes are critical in handling bulky molds, components, and raw materials.
  • Paper Milling: Bridge cranes are used in paper mills for equipment installation, routine maintenance, and the initial construction of paper machines.

With over 45 years of experience in the material handling industry, our team proudly meets CMAA duty cycle requirements. To learn more about our crane services and solutions — such as top running bridge girder electric overhead traveling cranes and free standing or ceiling mounted overhead bridge cranes — or to discuss how we can help with your next project, contact us today.