Jib Crane for Hazardous Outdoor Corrosive Marine Environment

INDUSTRY: Oil, Gas and Mining
APPLICATION: Explosion Proof and Hazardous Environments
PRODUCT: 15 Ton Pedestal Base Mounted Jib Crane
SERVICES: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Quality and Load Testing
15 Ton Pedestal Base Mounted Jib Crane


To provide the customer with a free standing crane to be used on an off shore drilling platform for oil and gas activities. The crane must be equipped to withstand harsh marine conditions while maintaining the highest quality and safety.


Manufacture a crane with anti-corrosive components to hold up in a salt-water environment and also include spark-resistant features to endure the processes of the oil and gas industry.


American Crane designed, manufactured, tested and installed a 15 ton pedestal base mounted jib crane with top running electrically driven hoist and trolley with slewing motion built to meet Class I, Zone 2, Group II A/II B hazardous location requirements. The crane was made with spark-resistant components, such as bronze wheels, bronze hooks and stainless steel wire rope. Other features include large diameter slewing bearings with internal gears to provide slewing motions, jib deflection to meet API 2C requirements, dynamic coefficient of 2.0 used in the designs, UL698 control panels and NEMA 4x/7 ratings.