American Crane manufactures and distributes a wide range of overhead cranes and industrial hoists for use in a diverse array of applications and industries. We offer custom-designed equipment solutions manufactured, rebuilt, and engineered in-house as well as many standard off-the-shelf distributed products such as packaged hoists. From a small 1/2 ton ratchet lever hoist to a 300 ton overhead crane, we have the right equipment for your application.

American Crane NorHoist Line

The American Crane Norheim Modular Hoist is the product of years of engineering know-how, resulting in a design that utilizes readily available, commercial components.

The design provides versatility in a wide variety of applications resulting in a product with unmatched reliability, ruggedness, and cost-effective operation.

Compliant with (HMI) Hoist Manufacturers Institute Class H-4

Duty Class Ratings in accordance with CMAA:

  • CMAA Class D Duty up to 60 Ton Capacity
  • CMAA Class A & B Duty 70 to 160 Ton Capacity
  • For CMAA Class E & F and Custom Designs Consult Factory

The NorHoist Line is available with capacity options up to 160 tons, lifts up to 250 ft., and flexible hoist speeds up to 33 FPM. It’s also highly adaptable to meet the requirements of your specific application, whether you need monorail hoists, foot-mounted hoists, or double rail trolleys. 

The NorHoist Line features a standard control configuration consisting of an inverter drive combined with a compatible motor. The equipment’s hoist inverter facilitates precise load positioning and optimized motor output utilization. The lifting speed is also capable of increasing for loads that weigh up to 30% of the rated load capacity, which can help boost productivity. Additionally, customers can utilize a two-speed hoist and trolley control with up to 20 HP.

Two-speed control hoist lines are available with optional control contactors, which are oversized to make them compatible with CMAA Class D and HMI H4 service. To protect the NorHoist Line from non-corrosive liquids and foreign materials, control enclosures feature water-resistant and dust-tight construction. The wiring used in these systems is also compliant with NFPA NEC Article 610.

ACECO’s Standard Hoist Catalog

At American Crane, we offer several types of hoist lifting equipment based on the needs of our customers. Our selection includes:

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

These hoists are intended for applications requiring heavy lifting throughout the day. They use a grooved drum with a wire rope wrapped around it to lift loads. The larger components seen with electric wire rope hoists enable them to withstand high levels of heat generated from frequent lifting.

Air Wire Rope Hoists

Air wire rope hoists allow for precision raising and lowering of loads without the dangers of electric motors. This type of lift hoist uses an air motor to power the hoist and trolly, and it can be used in areas without electrical service. Air wire rope hoists maximize overhead clearance and are ideal for use in dusty and volatile environments.

Electric Chain Hoists

For applications requiring multiple lift points and positive load engagement, electric chain hoists are often ideal. These high-performance hoists are used for lifting or lowering loads using an electric motor in conjunction with a controller.

Air Chain Hoists

Air chain hoists are often used in dirty, dusty, or flammable environments requiring a safe and efficient system for moving loads. These systems don’t use electricity, which eliminates the risk of explosions resulting from electrical arcing.

Hand Chain Hoists

A hand chain hoist is used for horizontal lifting applications to easily lift bulky loads. They’re most compatible with applications in which speed isn’t a critical requirement. Although this type of hoist is less expensive than powered hoists, they require physical effort to lift the load.

Chain Lever Hoists

For manual lifting applications, chain lever hoists are used to lift heavy loads without the need for additional equipment. They can lift and lower loads vertically, horizontally, and in other positions using a top swivel connection.

Hoist Accessories

Depending on the type of hoist used, there are many accessories available. Some accessories include bullard hooks, redundant support, air hoses, filter lubricator units, and chain containers.

Choose from a Selection of Reliable Hoists and Accessories at American Crane

Based on the needs of your specific application, the professionals at American Crane can help you select the right hoists. We are your Expert, Craftsman, and Partner, with the ability to provide turnkey solutions in the energy, nuclear, and general manufacturing industries, among others.

To learn more about our selection of hoists, browse our hoist catalog. If you have any questions or would like help finding the right hoist for your application, contact us today.