Conoco Phillips Alaska

INDUSTRY: Oil, Gas and Mining
APPLICATION: Explosion Proof and Hazardous Environments
PRODUCT: 3 Ton Auxiliary Hoist Running on Monorail Beam
SERVICES: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Quality and Load Testing
Oil, Gas and Mining


To speed up the process of handling maintenance equipment. The equipment is lift ed by the hoist of an explosion-proof crane, located inside one of Conoco Phillip’s power plants.


American Crane designed, manufactured and installed an additional monorail beam complete with a 3 ton auxiliary hoist. The design included the following non-sparking components: bronze wheels, festoon and intrinsically safe components, such as pendant station, wireless remote system and explosion-proof radio system.


Adding the beam and monorail hoist safely accelerated the pace of equipment handling within the plant and supplying an additional hook provided expanded coverage in critical areas. The hoist design complied with all mandated national electric codes, including Class I; Division I; Article 501. In addition, an analysis was conducted of fixed building equipment to determine obstruction avoidance in regard to the path of the new hoist.