Overhead Crane Parts

To keep your overhead cranes, hoists, and trolleys in service, the availability of interchangeable replacement crane parts is paramount; but first, having a solid understanding of these components and their various functions is crucial to limiting production downtime and preventing emergency situations.

Overhead crane equipment parts can be broken down into four main categories:

  1. Power systems and motors
  2. Electrical parts
  3. Mechanical parts
  4. Controls

ControllerNo matter the make or model of your material handling equipment, American Crane & Equipment Corporation can provide universal overhead crane parts from these four categories to support high-value equipment such as satellites, heavy equipment such as turbines, and difficult load-lifting configurations such as aircraft assemblies.

American Crane stocks over a million dollars’ worth of replacement parts and components for cranes, hoists, and trolleys.

Our comprehensive inventory includes our own manufactured parts as well as other well-known brands, and our service trucks are fully stocked to anticipate your most urgent part replacement needs.

The maintenance and repair team at American Crane provides 24/7 service, including part replacement, preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, and OSHA inspections.

In urgent situations, sometimes completely rebuilding or refurbishing a piece of equipment takes less time than ordering a replacement part. Our team can quickly analyze the situation and help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Power Systems and Motor Replacements

Motor part replacements can alleviate the short service life that often occurs from overuse or regular exposure to harsh environments. American Crane offers dozens of new and refurbished motor parts from Munck and Gorbel.

Electrical Components

Rewiring the electrical parts within a crane or hoist presents an opportunity to modernize your equipment for improved performance on a budget. Overhauling your conducting, breaking, and switch systems can boost your equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying new machinery.

American Crane stocks and sells circuit breakers, transformers, frequency drives, and surge suppressors, among many other components. All of our electrical components for cranes are in compliance with the industry standards set forth by the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), formerly known as the Electric Overhead Crane Institute (EOCI).

Mechanical Parts

We offer hundreds of mechanical parts to support your overhead cranes and hoist systems, minimizing the risk of unexpected system failures. These components include standard brake parts, bearings, retaining rings, hook latches, and dozens of other miscellaneous pieces.


Automated systems need controls to maintain efficient, repeatable processes. This is often where breakdowns occur in advanced cranes and monorails. American Crane stocks parts such as crane inverter controls to adjust motor speed, as well as adjustable frequency crane controls, electric chain hoist remote control packages, and pendants for directional control.

The American Crane Advantage

At American Crane, we assist customers with all their overhead crane maintenance needs, across equipment brands and models. We stock thousands of components for both routine and emergency replacements and offer around-the-clock service to supply parts on short notice and ensure you’re always meeting OSHA’s strict compliance guidelines.

American Crane’s full-service team of skilled technicians understands the many different types of cranes used throughout various industries and applications and knows how to recognize and remedy problems quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s supplying an interchangeable part or fully refurbishing a machine, our team will help you make the best decision for your application and facility.

Our in-house overhead crane solutions experts are available to address any questions you may have about crane maintenance, parts, or controls. To learn more, contact the team today.

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