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Enhancing Bridge Safety with Advanced Travelers for Maintenance and Repair

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Enhancing Bridge Safety with Advanced Travelers for Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance and repair are crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of bridges. American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) specializes in providing innovative lifting solutions tailored to streamline bridge maintenance and repair operations. Our expertise lies in the development and deployment of advanced travelers designed specifically for bridge maintenance.

Maintenance and Repair Travelers

Our maintenance and repair travelers are movable platforms engineered to enable easy access to the undersides of bridge structures for inspection and maintenance tasks. Unlike traditional scaffolds, these travelers allow technicians to reach critical areas without disrupting traffic flow.

To ensure optimal performance and user safety, our bridge maintenance and repair travelers are equipped with essential features including:

  • Anti-skewing technology: Facilitates operation on uneven or misaligned runways, ensuring stability and precise movement.
  • Fully enclosed work platforms: Provide a safe environment by preventing personnel from falling while working on the platforms.
  • Slip-resistant platform surfaces: Minimizes the risk of accidents caused by slipping and falling during maintenance activities.
  • Convenient on-board personnel access lifts: Enhances accessibility for technicians, enabling them to reach their work areas efficiently.
  • Portable operator controls: User-friendly controls that are easy to operate and maneuver.
  • Redundant drop capture systems: Prevents accidental separation of the traveler from the bridge,

Key Features of ACECO’s Bridge Maintenance and Repair Travelers

Our bridge maintenance and repair travelers are available in various configurations, including self-propelled gas, diesel, or electric options. While each traveler is customized to meet specific requirements, they share several features, such as:

  • Durable construction: Stainless, galvanized, or plated steel construction on non-painted surfaces ensures longevity and corrosion resistance.
  • Weather-resistant design: Specially designed for heavy-duty performance with corrosion-resistant coatings to withstand challenging environmental conditions.
  • On-board personnel lifts: Facilitate easy access for technicians to their designated work areas.
  • Optional features: Customizable options include personnel seating, telescopic extensions, Coast Guard-approved navigation lights, diagnostic equipment, backup motors, escape devices, emergency stop buttons, and warning devices.

Setting Ourselves Apart with SAFTRACK Technology

ACECO’s bridge maintenance and repair travelers stand out due to our exclusive SAFTRACK technology. By integrating proprietary control software with proven bridge crane components, SAFTRACK offers several advantages, including:

  • Implementation of anti-skewing technology
  • Utilization of conventional crane components
  • Independent control of each traveler’s drive
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration

Partner with ACECO for Expert Bridge Maintenance Equipment Solutions

ACECO is your trusted Expert, Craftsman, and Partner for all your bridge maintenance equipment needs. We strive to simplify your tasks by offering comprehensive material handling solutions supported by extensive experience and top-quality resources. Our custom bridge maintenance and repair travelers empower your technicians to safely access critical bridge points without the need for road or lane closures. To learn more about our products or discuss your specific requirements, please contact us, or request a quote today.

Driving Innovation and Excellence: How MHI & CMAA Elevate ACECO in the Overhead Lifting Industry

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Driving Innovation and Excellence: How MHI & CMAA Elevate ACECO in the Overhead Lifting Industry


At American Crane and Equipment Corporation (ACECO), we have been proudly serving the overhead lifting industry for over 50 years. Our commitment to being Expert, Craftsman, and Partner has made us a trusted name in the industry. In this blog post, we will explore how our mission to make your life easier aligns with our involvement in industry associations like MHI and CMAA, as well as the benefits of repurposing content to provide you with the best possible solutions.

The Power of Partnerships: MHI and CMAA

The Material Handling Industry (MHI) and the Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) hold significant importance in the overhead lifting industry. At ACECO, we recognize the value of these associations and actively participate in them to ensure that we provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

MHI serves as a reputable trade association, acting as the voice of the material handling and logistics industry. By being a part of MHI, ACECO stays informed about industry trends, standards, and technological advancements. Our membership in MHI grants us access to valuable resources and networking opportunities, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that make our customers’ lives easier and more efficient.

Similarly, ACECO’s affiliation with CMAA, a respected trade association representing manufacturers of overhead cranes and hoists, highlights our commitment to upholding the highest quality and safety standards. CMAA plays a vital role in establishing specifications and guidelines for overhead cranes, ensuring that they meet industry regulations. By aligning our operations with CMAA standards, we prioritize the reliability and safety of our lifting equipment, providing our customers with solutions they can trust.

Our participation with MHI and CMAA showcases our dedication to staying informed, collaborating with industry leaders, and contributing to the advancement of the industry. These affiliations reflect our company’s commitment to being your Expert, Craftsman, and Partner. We strive to deliver superior products and services while upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and professionalism. Through these associations, we leverage knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities to lead the industry with our new Smart Crane Technology and other innovative solutions.

Learn more about CMAA and MHI here:

Making Information Accessible

At ACECO, we recognize the importance of knowledge in making well-informed decisions. That’s why we embrace dynamic information dissemination strategies. By adapting and sharing valuable insights across multiple platforms, we ensure industry expertise is accessible to a broader audience, including our esteemed partners.

Through collaborative efforts, we reinforce our position as thought leaders in the overhead lifting industry. Whether it’s through our blog, social media channels (YouTube, Facebook), or contributions to reputable industry publications, we offer diverse formats to cater to various learning preferences. The inclusive approach enables us to actively engage with our partners, providing the essential information necessary to navigate the ever-changing landscape of our industry.

At ACECO, we do what we commit to do, we do it well, and we do it on-schedule. Our goal is to make your life easier, and we are dedicated to solving your most complex problems.

Together, we evolve, innovate, and build a brighter future in the overhead lifting industry.


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Driving Continuous Improvement: Reducing Waste for a Sustainable Future

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Driving Continuous Improvement: Targeting Zero Waste for a Sustainable Future

In today’s fast-paced and environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainable practices and reducing waste. At American Crane, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and our relentless pursuit of lean operations. We understand that staying ahead in the industry requires a constant drive to improve processes, enhance productivity, and reduce waste.

Our Passion for Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is not just a buzzword at American Crane – it is deeply ingrained in our company culture. We believe that in order to stay ahead in the industry and deliver exceptional value to our customers, we must constantly seek out better ways of doing things. This philosophy fosters innovation and empowers every one of our employees to contribute to our continuous improvement journey.

Embracing Lean Operations

Be Lean. Save 2 seconds every day. Be curious. Ask questions. Eliminate waste. Fix what bugs you! There is always room for improvement.

Lean operations lie at the heart of our approach to drive efficiency and waste reduction. We strive to eliminate non-value-added activities and optimize our processes across the organization. From product design and manufacturing to supply chain management and customer service, we apply lean principles to deliver the highest value to our customers while minimizing waste.

Strategies for Waste Reduction

At American Crane, we recognize that waste not only harms the environment but also affects our bottom line. To address this, we have implemented a range of waste reduction strategies:

  • Waste segregation and recycling: We have robust waste segregation practices in place to ensure that recyclable materials are separated from general waste. Through partnerships with local recycling facilities, we maximize waste diversion from landfills.
  • Energy Conservation: Energy efficiency is a top priority for us. We have invested in energy-saving technologies, such as LED lighting and optimized equipment, to reduce our energy consumption and minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Lean Manufacturing: By eliminating waste in our manufacturing processes, such as excess inventory, overproduction, and defects, we reduce material waste and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Supplier Collaboration: We actively collaborate with our suppliers to explore waste reduction opportunities throughout the supply chain. Together, we identify ways to optimize packaging, reduce transportation waste, and promote overall sustainability.
  • Empowering Employees through Engagement and Training: We firmly believe that engaged employees are key to driving continuous improvement. That is why we invest in comprehensive training programs and initiatives to empower our workforce. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we ensure that each employee understands their role in waste reduction and actively contributes to achieving our zero-waste goal.
  • Measuring Progress for Better Results: To effectively manage our waste reduction efforts, we utilize key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and monitor progress. By tracking metrics such as waste generation, recycling rates, and energy consumption, we gain valuable insights and identify areas for further improvement.

At American Crane and Equipment Corporation, we are proud to be leading the way in continuous improvement and waste reduction. Our commitment to sustainability not only minimizes our environmental impact but also enhances our operational efficiency and long-term profitability. By harnessing the power of continuous improvement, we are driving towards a greener and more sustainable future, where zero waste is not just a target, but a reality. Together, we can make a significant difference and create a better world for future generations. Now remember! Be lean, save 2 seconds every day, ask questions, eliminate waste, and fix what bugs you! There is always room for improvement.

To learn more about Our Vision, Mission, & Values visit

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