Top 5 Safety Considerations for Crane Operations

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There are many facets to crane operation safety, and you can’t afford to ignore any of them. To avoid employee injuries, OSHA fines and lawsuits, and the cost of repairing equipment and property, it is crucial to make the following safety considerations: have a certified and competent crane operator, perform regular inspections of the crane and job sight, abide by load capacities and weight requirements, use equipment properly, and communicate effectively.

Safety Tips

To take a well-rounded approach to crane operation safety, it is important to consider these five safety tips:

    • Have a certified and competent crane operator. Having a fully trained crane operator is the most important safety consideration. Without a qualified operator, it won’t matter how well you address other safety considerations.
    • Perform regular inspections of the crane and job site. It is important to inspect the crane, rigging, and personal safety gear for wear, damage, and functionality. You should also inspect the job site by making sure that the crane is
    • Safety Tips
 on a stable surface and that there are no obstacles in the swing radius or below the crane. Work environments change frequently, so performing these inspections regularly is crucial.
  • Abide by load capacities and weight requirements. All hardware, ropes, and slings have particular weight restrictions, and it is crucial not to exceed them. Overloading your
    equipment could cause the crane to tip or the load to drop, crushing anything beneath it. Overloading equipment can also lead to costly equipment damage.
  • Use equipment properly. Cranes are for vertical lifting, not for dragging or side loading. Using cranes for improper activities puts stress on the turntable, the boom, and the structural members, potentially weakening components and causing equipment failure.
  • Communicate effectively. Use hand signals, radios, or air horns to ensure clear communication between the crane operator and other workers. It is important to make sure that each employee knows what the signals mean to eliminate safety risks and confusion.

Partner with American Crane – Your Expert, Craftsman and Partner for Optimal Safety

Partner with American Crane
Crane safety is extremely important as it provides protection for your workers and business. While these safety considerations are paramount, there are many more to be aware of, and partnering with an expert will help you understand them all. At American Crane, we are a leading manufacturer of standard and custom cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment, and safety is one of our top priorities. To get started on your crane solution, or to learn more about crane safety, download our service brochure, contact us or request a quote today.


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