Show Your Crane Some TLC

Your cranes show you love year-round, keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. Be sure to return the favor by taking the time to assess the condition of your material handling equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Not only does this minimize the chances of unexpected breakdowns and worker injuries, it also helps avoid costly downtime and extra labor needs while ensuring you remain compliant with all necessary regulations.

Our Crane Servicing Capabilities

At American Crane, we proudly service cranes and hoists of all types, makes, and sizes. We understand the importance of thorough assessments and clear communication for keeping operations running smoothly. For instance, when our team goes onto a worksite, they provide comprehensive reports to the site contact each day, detailing all completed work and outlining any potential issues.

We’re also available for 24/7 emergency services as needed; offering this around-the-clock service provides our clients peace of mind and ensures problems are addressed immediately, before they cause more serious issues.

Our main services are listed below:

We also have a large inventory of over a million dollars’ worth of crane parts and components, including items from top brands such as American Crane, Munck, Columbus McKinnon, Coffing, Yale, and Shaw Box. Our service trucks remain stocked at all times, so we can quickly and easily cater to clients’ on-demand part-replacement needs.

Learn MoreService and Repair Brochure

All American Crane technicians are certified to meet current inspection codes and standards, and are in complete compliance with OSHA requirements. For more information on our emergency services, plus a list of FAQs regarding crane service and inspections, download our detailed service and repair brochure today.

Your machines work around the clock for you, so don’t forget to show them some love! Not only will it help keep your workers safe, it will also ensure smooth, efficient, and timely operations without the risk of extra expenditures or downtime.

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