How Our Vision, Mission, & Core Values Reflect Our Culture

Core Values

At American Crane & Equipment Corporation, our company’s culture is deeply rooted in the values that shape our identity and guide our actions. Our vision, mission, and core values, encapsulated by the mantra “GRIT Matters: Perseverance, Heart, & Integrity,” serve as a compass for every aspect of our organization. In this blog post, we will explore how these principles resonate throughout our culture at ACECO and define who we are as a company.

Our Vision: Respected for Our People and Products

At the heart of our mantra lies our vision: to be the overhead lifting company most respected for our people and products. This vision speaks to our profound appreciation for the contributions of our employees and the value we place on delivering exceptional products and services to our customers. By prioritizing respect, we foster a culture that values collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Our Mission: Delighting Our Customers and Making Lives Easier

At American Crane, we are passionately dedicated to delighting our customers. Our mission is to make their lives easier by delivering on our commitments, executing tasks with excellence, and ensuring promptness. By consistently providing high-quality solutions and exceptional service, we build lasting relationships with our customers, earning their trust and loyalty.

The Importance of Our People

At ACECO, we firmly believe that people are our most valuable asset. We understand the significance of creating a culture that fosters growth, empowerment, and safety for our employees. By investing in their personal and professional development, we cultivate a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals who are committed to delivering excellence in all that they do.

Embracing GRIT: Perseverance, Heart, & Integrity

At American Crane, we embody the spirit of “GRIT Matters” by infusing every action with perseverance, heart, and integrity. This ethos resonates throughout our organization, from the shop floor to the boardroom, driving us to overcome challenges, approach tasks with passion, and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Our Core Values:

Our core values serve as guiding principles that define us and guide our decisions and behaviors. Let’s explore some of these values that shape our culture:

1. Keep It Simple:

At ACECO, we believe in keeping things simple. We avoid unnecessary complexity and focus on clear goals and straightforward solutions, enabling us to solve problems effectively and deliver optimal outcomes.

2. Be Lean:

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our culture. We encourage curiosity, eliminate waste, and constantly seek areas for improvement. This mindset fosters a culture of innovation and efficiency.

3. Work Hard:

Our success at American Crane is the result of the dedication and hard work of our employees. By pulling together and going the extra mile, we accomplish our goals and achieve collective success.

4. Practice Follow-Through:

Actions speak louder than words in our company. We place a strong emphasis on delivering on our commitments, following through on our premises, and taking responsibility for our actions.

5. Be Passionate:

Passion fuels innovation and drives excellence at ACECO. We encourage our employees to do what they love, creating an environment where dedication and enthusiasm thrive.

6. Be Humble:

Humility is a cherished value within our organization. We remain grounded, value the contributions of others, and work collaboratively toward our shared goals.

7. Life Matters, Be Safe:

Safety is paramount in our operations. At American Crane, we understand that investing in safety is not only a moral imperative but also an investment in the well-being of our employees and the overall success of our business.

At American Crane & Equipment Corporation, Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values are the foundation of our culture. By embodying the principles of perseverance, heart, and integrity, we create a culture that fosters excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Together, we strive to maintain our position as a leader in the overhead lifting industry, delivering outstanding products and services to our valued customers while creating a fulfilling and empowering environment for our employees.

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