What Makes the JLC Electric Chain Hoist Stand Out?

JLC Electric Chain Hoist | American Crane

When it comes to heavy-duty industrial equipment, finding a hoist that is not only reliable but also durable is crucial for ensuring the safety of both workers and equipment. This is where the JLC Electric Chain Hoist comes in, offering a compact yet powerful solution that is packed with features designed to make both lifting and maintenance easier and safer. While this product is compact, it is big on features. In this blog, we will delve into this product’s features and the why it is an excellent choice for any
industrial setting.

Compact Chain Container

This hoist is compact in size. The housing is built for portability and ease of installation making it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications. The durability of the container allows for standard lifts of 20ft single chain and 10ft double chain.

Longer & Quieter Operation

With a 1/8-to-2-ton capacity, the JLC Electric Chain Hoist utilizes oil bath transmission and precision machined alloy steel gears, resulting in a longer and quieter operation.

Smoother Lifting & Reduced Chain Wear

The JLC’s 5-pocket load sheave allows for a 25% increase in chain and sheave engagement compared to the standard 4-pocket sheaves. The 5-pocket sheave feature allows for smoother lifting and reduces the wear on chains, enhancing the lifespan of the hoist.

Easy Access for Maintenance

The maintenance panel plate provides convenient access to controls and motor connections for adjusting voltage on dual-voltage motors or servicing the hoist. Numbered wires help assist with maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Motor Brake

Robust and powerful, this hoist’s multiple disc motor brake has a direct acting design for positive load spotting and holding.

Lifetime Warranty

Warranty paired with the durability of this hoist make it an excellent long-term investment for any industrial setting. ACECO provides 24/7 service, should you need, so you can rest assured that your equipment is protected with us.

The JLC Electric Chain Hoist is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a compact, powerful and reliable industrial hoist solution. It offers a wide variety of benefits that enhance safety and efficiency. Visit our store or contact us today to learn more about the JLC Electric Chain Hoist and other products we offer.

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