The Hydro “Power House”: Case Studies on Hydro Energy Equipment

American Crane offers leading design and manufacturing services for electric overhead traveling cranes and wire rope hoists. We offer our clients a range of equipment with capacities as high as 1,000 tons.

American Crane currently supplies specialized equipment to a number of dam projects. These projects tend to concern dams responsible for the production of hydroelectric power. We supply a variety of equipment and services for these applications, such as turbine cranes, gate hoists, intake equipment and rebuilds

The following two case studies demonstrate American Crane’s unparalleled commitment to customer service, product quality, and improved profitability and efficiency.

Case Studies

The George B. Stevenson Dam Project

American Crane accepted a request for partnership from teams working on the George B. Stevenson Dam. We were asked to provide gate hoists that could facilitate precise positioning of the dam’s flood control gate. We supplied two 170-ton gate hoists, along with a 100-ton, top-running double girder crane.

These systems allowed dam personnel to operate the George B. Stevenson Dam gate hoists from remote locations. Not only did this simplify the work process for the dam team, it also helped ensure that employees could maintain a safe distance from the dam while performing their duties.

The Shasta Dam Project

Our team was also called in for assistance during a project on the Shasta Dam. The American Crane team assisted with a complete overhaul and upgrade of the Shasta Power Plant’s draft tube stop log gantry crane. This upgrade included implementing a supply of modern hoisting systems with two independent hoisting brakes.

Other aspects of the overhaul also benefitted dam personnel. The upgrade involved the installation of all-new electrical controls in weatherproof enclosures. This improved employee safety, productivity, and even equipment longevity. We also performed a thorough structural and mechanical inspection of the dam following the project in order to ensure compliance with ANSI b30.2 and OSHA 1910.179.

The Conowingo Dam Project

We recently completed a project at Exelon’s Conowingo Hydro-Electric Dam in Darlington, Maryland. We were asked to add a 20-ton Rooftop Crane to the existing runway structure at the top of the dam to support a large painting project. The previous crane expired from service and its replacement had to sit idle in harsh conditions for long periods of time and still be ready for operation at a moment’s notice.

The project began by repairing the top of the existing runway to ensure that it would support the new equipment. Much of the steel under the existing runway structure was badly corroded, so we reduced the surface to bare metal and filled the voids with Belzona epoxy to add the necessary strength for the new crane. This process took weeks over the hottest part of the summer, but we were able to sufficiently repair the runway.

With the runway repaired, we were able to remove the existing 20-ton Niles crane and install a new 20-ton ACECO trolley with open deck industrial hoisting machinery. To prevent damage from the operating environment, the machinery was protected with motor heaters, stainless steel coverings, and operated with two-speed contractor controls from within a NEMA-4 stainless steel enclosure. Our shop also accommodated all of the application-specific cribbing and rigging requests to ensure safe operation.

Once everything was installed, we discovered that the existing carts and splices for getting equipment through the damn were severely rusted and inoperable. We accepted an additional order to repair this equipment as well, which allowed us to get test weights in place and ensure the efficacy of our new installation.

Why American Crane? We are your Expert, Craftsman & Partner

At American Crane, we know that our clients depend on us for a variety of reasons. We maintain the in-house resources necessary to engineer, manufacture, and install the parts and equipment that our customers need the most. Our field service capabilities also position us as an ideal partner for projects that involve complex setups and upgrades.

All of this is in the pursuit of consistent and impeccable product quality, strict schedule adherence, and industry leading customer service. Thorough facility maintenance ensures that American Crane’s equipment and staff are always ready to assist clients at a moment’s notice.

Our engineering staff consists of seasoned mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers who partner with world-class seismic scientists in order to determine the best courses of action for our clients.

We also offer a range of additional services to provide a truly end-to-end lifting solution. American Crane’s experienced Service and Parts Department provides clients with services such as:

  • Load testing
  • Outage support
  • Retrofit and upgrades
  • OSHA inspections
  • On-site service and repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Custom fabrications
  • Product support

The American Crane team knows that the projects we collaborate on are about more than successful construction or installation. These applications revolve around reliable components and impeccable installation and inspection. That’s why our team commits itself to providing hydro energy clients with unbeatable service and product quality.

Interested in learning more about our team’s capabilities in hydro energy applications? Please contact us and one of our experienced staff members will be happy to speak with you concerning your project’s unique requirements.


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