Questions to Ask Your Crane Builder

Choosing a custom crane builder is a big decision. With so many important factors at play, it’s something that requires careful consideration. Before you commit to a manufacturer, there are several questions you should ask to get a better overview of what they do and the level of quality they offer in terms of service and the finished product.

What is your experience with similar projects?

Experience is important, but experience in your industry, as well as in custom cranes built with your application in mind is even better. Look for a history of satisfied clients in your industry.

Every industry has different regulations, requirements, and considerations, so the crane builder should understand what it’s like to be on your jobsite—and how to design a crane that does what you require.

How long will the crane last?

How Long Will the Crane Last?It’s essential to get the best materials and craftsmanship for your money, and you can’t compromise functionality to save costs. Doing so could lead to bigger headaches (and bigger expenses) down the road. Treating your custom crane as a long-term investment makes it easier to find an option that’s best suited for your application.

Certain materials offer more moisture, UV light, and chemical resistance than others. Think about how your crane is used and how material choices could impact the crane’s lifespan. Your crane builder should be able to pull from their experience to offer insight into how those various materials will perform under your jobsite’s conditions, and how long your crane can be expected to last under its expected workload.

What value added services do you offer?

Value Added ServicesFrom equipment upgrades and site support to OSHA compliance inspections, load testing, quality assurance, and more, the value added services your crane builder offers should indicate their primary focus in taking care of their customers. A manufacturer that goes above and beyond when it comes to their products and customer service ensures you’ll be completely satisfied with your finished product. Look for versatile manufacturers that support you throughout your crane construction process, from that first inquiry to long after your crane is at work on your jobsite.

What post-purchase costs will there be?

You should expect transparent pricing, so you have a clear understanding about the investment your crane will require. While the overall purchase and installation will be the major cost, regular maintenance is also critical to ensure your crane functions optimally for as long as it possibly can. Those maintenance costs are minimal compared to the cost of replacing a crane, but you’ll want to set aside a budget for maintenance and repair moving forward.

Different types of cranes require different maintenance routines, so you should consider these costs before you place an order. A reputable manufacturer will help you compare different models, their maintenance requirements, and any common issues that may arise, so you can budget accordingly and make a maintenance schedule to keep your crane running smoothly.

Find the Best Custom Crane Builder for Your Needs

Building a custom crane is an exciting endeavor, as you get to create a piece of equipment designed specifically for what you require. Choosing the right crane manufacturer will make the process simple and enjoyable.

At American Crane, we specialize in high-quality custom cranes for critical lifting, biofuel handling, bridge maintenance, warehousing, hazardous environments, reactor rooms, paper mills, wastewater treatment, and so many other applications. Contact us and ask us all the questions listed above—we’re happy to answer them for you—or request a quote for your project.

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