Proof Load Testing

American Crane & Equipment Corporation has extensive capabilities and experience in providing certified proof load testing services of overhead cranes, jibs, gantries, monorails and hoists, as well as below the hook equipment. We are capable of in-house load testing of equipment up to 200 tons utilizing our dedicated test tower, or providing certified test weights for on-site load testing of new, reinstalled, altered, repaired or modified equipment in order to comply with OSHA and ASME/ANSI safety regulations. Proof Load Testing

Proof load testing is performed to meet ASME B30.20, B30.10, and B30.16 as well as ANSI N14.6. American Crane can also provide engineering and manufacturing support to provide lift fixtures for testing purposes.
Prior to the load test, an inspection is performed to make certain that the equipment is safe to handle the load. After the inspection and load testing have been successfully completed, a certificate is issued to retain with maintenance records. Systems that do not pass the inspection or load test will be required to correct the deficiency (s) before the equipment is placed in service to insure the safety of plant employees and equipment.

Water Weights

If solid weights are impractical for on-site testing, American Crane can arrange for proof load testing employing water weight bladders. Using water weights allows flexibility where traditional solid weights are not feasible. A gradual increase in the load allows for potential problems to be identified prior to attaining the maximum load, making water weights the preferred solution in critical areas.
Water Weights
A broad range of water filled load bags are available. Several bags can be combined to allow flexibility in attaining the exact weight required. In addition, certain load testing situations such as light floor loading, inaccessibility to large solid weights and space restrictions are only possible with water weights.
Water weight bags are a small percentage of their capacity load, allowing for significant savings in transportation and rigging equipment. A certified flow meter or a load cell provides exact measurement of weights applied to the equipment.

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