Logistics of Crane Delivery & Project Management

It can be challenging to move a massive crane to a facility. With nearly 50 years of experience, American Crane has the skills and knowledge to cover everything from manufacturing to delivery and installation of the crane. Project management and various other factors play a crucial role in transporting a crane from the manufacturing facility to its final destination. Here, we will discuss the logistics of crane delivery, including important considerations, common challenges, and more.

The Logistics of Safe Crane Transportation

Transporting something as large as a crane or hoist comes with its own set of challenges that must be addressed as part of the delivery planning process. These loads often exceed standard freight transportation limitations for width, height, and weight.

Since crane shipments are considered oversized, they must comply with oversized shipping regulations outlined by the U.S. Department of Transportation. For example, loads more than 10’ wide must be transported during daylight areas, whereas loads that are 10’ or less may be transported at night. These regulations tend to differ from state to state; however, the American Crane logistics team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure compliance.

There are many factors that must be expertly accounted for on the logistics and internal sides for crane delivery, including:

  • Dismantling the crane at the manufacturing plant to prepare it for delivery
  • Ensuring the proper size transportation trucks and appropriate oversize load escort vehicles are available for the chosen delivery timeframe
  • Hiring certified drivers and equipment handlers
  • Researching and selecting the safest transportation routes, watching for weight, height, permitted operating hours, and commercial traffic limitations
  • Coordinating with local civil and law enforcement authorities to obtain necessary permits and meet all crane transportation regulations
  • Having the necessary equipment and personnel available at the delivery site for unloading, reassembly, and installation
  • Maintaining the highest levels of safety for all personnel involved in every step of the transportation process

How Cranes Are Transported

Because of their dimensions and weight, cranes are usually transported by road and highway on truck trailers that are specially designed and equipped to handle these massive loads. Equipment includes heavy-duty hooks and straps, along with durable steel chains, to securely hold the crane in place. This step is crucial, as any misstep here could result in a load shift during delivery, which might lead to delivery delays and safety issues. Railroads are occasionally used for crane transportation, but trucks are usually involved at some point in the process.

Challenges often encountered when shipping cranes include:

  • Equipment Selection for Crane Transportation. Exact crane dimensions are required to select the appropriate transportation equipment. The bed must be long enough for the height of the crane, and low enough to allow for clearance heights under bridges. The weight of the crane impacts the power needed to pull the load. Smaller cranes may also be utilized for loading and unloading crane pieces.
  • Crane Delivery Speed. As can be imagined, crane delivery can be a slow process. The delivery caravan may have to travel at lower speeds and may need to use alternative routes to avoid local traffic or difficult turns. Estimating delivery time also often requires analyzing potential weather conditions and geographic features.
  • Crane Transportation Costs. Costs for transporting cranes are higher than standard freight due to permits, driver certifications, safety equipment, specialized equipment, and increased shipping time involved.

The logistics specialists at American Crane have extensive experience and knowledge dealing with all these issues, and can efficiently manage the crane delivery management process.

Crane Delivery & Project Management at American Crane

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment. With decades of experience, we have the knowledge to transport your crane from our facility to your final destination, all while remaining compliant with federal regulations. To learn more about how we can help with crane delivery and project management, contact us or request a quote today.

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