Have you added a Mini Lever Hoist to your Christmas List?

Did you know that American Crane can provide you with a Mini Lever Hoist which is small enough to fit in your toolbox? The Columbus McKinnon Mini Lever Hoist’s (Series 602 & 603) light weight, compact construction makes it the tool of choice for rigging and various other jobs. Don’t be fooled by its small size. It is tough, durable and capable of lifting or pulling up to 1100 lbs (Series 603) making it a competent device for small industrial applications and for home use as well. For example, using the mini lever hoist for felling trees, enables complete control of the landing location. So the job is done quicker, more efficiently, and with less risk of injury to the operator and the surrounding environment. This is just one of many ways to employ this conveniently easy to operate lever hoist. For more information on our Mini Lever Hoists click here or contact our sales department at sales@americancrane.com

CM Hoist Series 603 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist


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