Equipment Built to Withstand the Harshest Conditions at Hazardous Duty Locations

The oil and gas sector has been receiving a surge of attention thanks to its role in moving industry forward and bringing the U.S. back from recession. The sector has thus seen booming demand as energy requirements continue to increase, leading to a flood of opportunity and growing investment domestically. But this area of work is not for the faint of heart, and involves a very high degree of risk for workers. For this reason, it is vital to have the right equipment to support such hazardous conditions.

American Crane is continuously working to improve jobsite processes and ensure the safety of workers and equipment. Our explosion-proof equipment serves this need, as do our remote controlled cranes that are especially recommended for operations involving immediate danger. By keeping people out of the line of fire, they are better able to perform their job without risking life and limb.

Our custom designed and manufactured jib cranes can even include spark resistant components which enable them to be used for offshore drilling purposes. They are also engineered to withstand corrosion in the offshore marine environment. In addition, all cranes and hoists supplied to the oil and gas industry can be uniquely tailored for the hazardous conditions present in this field. These custom safety features have no impact on the functionality of the equipment, and only add to the product’s utility at hazardous jobsites.

For more information about the equipment we have available to serve the oil and gas sector, please feel free to browse our online materials. For more information about American Crane, watch our company video to gain a better understanding of our company and capabilities.

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