Clean Room Cranes and All of the Industries Served

Contamination in the manufacturing process can compromise the quality of the end product and the safety of the staff involved in the manufacturing or even the final consumer. Many companies invest in cleanrooms to maintain a controlled environment free from contaminants and particles, ensuring the quality and safety of their products and processes.

Cleanrooms significantly reduce the number of contaminants, such as aerosol particles, dust, chemical vapors, and airborne microbes. This regulated level of contamination makes these spaces ideal for many industries where small particles can impact the quality of a product. At American Cranes, we are experts in providing material handling solutions. We offer industry-leading cleanroom cranes that adhere to strict standards and specifications. 

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Industries Served by Revolutionary Cleanroom Technology

Cleanrooms have a controlled level of contamination – by specifying the maximum number and size of particles per cubic meter allowed in the room. For instance, a typical city environment has 35 million particles per cubic meter (0.5 microns and larger in diameter), a contamination level corresponding to an ISO 9 cleanroom. 

ISO 14633-1 offers guidance for acceptable air quality levels within the designated clean room ISO classes. The lowest level is ISO 9 and corresponds to a typical city environment. Whereas, ISO 1 allows only up to 12 particles per cubic meter (3 microns and smaller).

Cleanrooms have particle counters which detect and count physical contaminants. Physical counting can indicate potential issues within an otherwise controlled processing environment. For example, it can help discover issues such as a malfunctioning part of air handling equipment or a gap in a door seal. After detecting the issue, the staff can find ways to rectify and maintain the required level of contamination. 

Cleanrooms are crucial in all industries where small particles can impact manufacturing. American Crane has experience in offering material handling solutions for various industries, including: 

  • Semiconductors
  • Pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals
  • Food and beverage
  • Medical cannabis
  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Technology
  • Nuclear
  • Laboratories
  • Research and life science
  • Aerospace
  • Optics

Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities must effectively manage a range of environmental factors including temperature, airflow, noise, lighting, vibration, humidity, airborne particles, and temperature fluctuations over time, with a high degree of precision and control. Regulating these parameters is crucial since a single dust particle is enough to render a chip useless. 

In the semiconductor industry, cleanroom cranes are essential for handling delicate equipment and materials without introducing contamination to the controlled environment of the cleanroom, and these cranes must adhere to strict design requirements such as using non-particulating materials, featuring smooth surfaces and edges, and maintaining a positive air pressure within the crane system to prevent infiltration of unfiltered air.

Semiconductor cleanrooms must meet ISO Class 5 or lower, which limits particles to 3,520 at 0.5 microns or smaller for each cubic meter of air. They must also adhere to ISO 14644-2, which requires the implementation of a quality control system subject to specific classification criteria. 

Some applications may require a semiconductor fabrication plant to adhere to industry regulations from the SEMI Standards Program, various industry technical committees, task forces, and other regulatory bodies. These standards, alongside ISO, ensure the cleanroom environment is continuously controlled and that products have a consistent and long-lasting quality. 

Pharmaceutical Industry

Federal agencies such as the EMA, the Dutch CBG, and the US FDA regulate the pharmaceutical industry heavily. While no regulations or laws apply specifically to pharmaceutical cleanrooms, companies with controlled spaces in the industry set high standards to prevent contamination, micro-bacterial growth, and gas or dust explosions.

Cleanroom cranes are used in the pharmaceutical industry to transport and handle sensitive materials and equipment in a controlled environment to prevent contamination. Specific design requirements for cleanroom cranes in this industry include the use of materials that are resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and maintain, and do not emit any particles, while also featuring a smooth, seamless construction and a positive air pressure system to prevent unfiltered air infiltration.

Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry involves various manual tasks that can increase product quality and sanitation risks. Clean room cranes give better process control, increase production efficiency and improve safety and hygiene. Typically, food and beverage companies use stainless steel equipment in their cleanrooms, which is food-grade and resistant to the harsh chemicals used to clean the equipment. However, they must ensure proper installation to improve accessibility to all parts of the crane, easing cleaning. In addition, cleanroom equipment should not leave any hollow spaces since they are difficult to clean. 

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace manufacturing involves frequently lifting, turning, and positioning large components during assembly. Since the items hoisted are sensitive to damage and any mistake could lead to significant production delays, aerospace manufacturers must choose specially designed cleanroom cranes that meet stringent industry standards. 

American Crane takes pride in our experience designing the double girder crane for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The administration had challenges lifting its first spacecraft (Orion), built for long-term crewed spaceflight and exploration. We designed a double girder crane, allowing NASA to lift the spacecraft to its final position. The crane is still in use today for sensitive hoisting applications.

Cleanroom Cranes from American Crane

Cleanroom cranes are crucial in manufacturing products in highly sensitive fields where environmental contamination must be minimized. The engineered spaces maintain a low level of airborne particles, guaranteeing product quality and safety. 

At American Cranes, we have over four decades of material handling experience and can offer cleanroom crane solutions that meet stringent requirements for any industry. Contact us today to request a quote.

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