Check out our CM Lever Operated Hoist Series

American Crane and Equipment offers Series 602 & 603 Mini-hoists, Series 653 Lever Operated Hoists, Series 657 models, Puller Lever Tools, Short Handle Pullers and Rigger Lever Operated Hoists.

Each Series has their own distinctive features. For example, The Series 653 Lever Operated Hoists are high quality rugged steel tools for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications. Its characteristic short handle, along with minimal lever pull effort, make this tool ideal for a broad range of applications.

The Series 602 & 603 are the most compact ratchet lever hoists on the market, but perform like the larger models. Series 657 models are available with load limiters and include through-hardened load chain. These metric rated stamped steel ratchet lever hoists are lightweight, durable and ideal for construction and commercial applications.

In addition, we offer Puller Level Tools, Short Handle Pullers and Rigger Level Operated Hoists for jobs that range from heavy-duty construction and industrial applications to moderate commercial applications. Other features of these tools include one-hand operation, lightweight construction and compact design for easy storage.

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