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American Crane’s Word of the Week – Stacker Crane

A Stacker Crane is similar to a bridge crane, except the hoist is replaced with a telescoping mast which is suspended from the bridge trolley. The mast is equipped with a load handling device such as single or double forks or a grab. Stacker Cranes can be manually operated or powered and can span multiple aisles (such as in a warehouse, etc) for easy retrieval of stored components and/or parts.

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Upgrades and Rebuilds for Safety and Economics


Older controls on cranes and equipment are at a higher risk for failure. Retrofits and upgrades can reduce breakdowns, increase reliability and improve safety by reducing the risk of costly accidents and OSHA violations. In addition, extending the life of existing equipment can be done at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.


American Crane and Equipment’s highly experienced technical staff will evaluate the current condition of your equipment with the goal of increasing operating reliability and improving equipment safety. We will provide you with a detailed Condition Report outlining all deficiencies, concerns, and OSHA violations. Next, a proposal and cost estimate will be prepared describing all proposed changes. Upon agreement regarding the work-scope, an implementation plan will be developed stating how the work will be completed. After the completion of the work, American Crane will fully test and re-certify the crane.

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Sensitive Environments require Specific Applications: American Crane can Customize Equipment for Hazardous Areas.

American Crane has designed and manufactured numerous cranes and hoists for hazardous areas. Hazardous locations are those in which fire or explosion dangers exist, due to flammable liquids, vapors or gases, or combustible dust or fibers.Our Explosion Proof Equipment can be constructed and erected to offer protection in areas where flammable substances (gas, vapor, mist or dust) and ignition sources (spark or thermal) are present.

Equipment is available for the following area classifications:

  • Class I (Gas & Vapors), Division 1, Groups C and D
  • Class I (Gas & Vapors), Division 2, Groups B, C and D
  • Class II (Combustible Dusts), Division 1, Groups E, F and G
  • Class II (Combustible Dusts), Division 2, Groups F and G

Some examples of Explosion Proof Equipment found on Explosion Proof Cranes would include Spark Resistant Air Hoists, Spark Resistant Hand Chain Hoists, Explosion Proof Enclosures, etc. Components may also contain Bronze Hooks & Trolley Wheels, Aluminum Hand Chain on Geared Trolley Models, and Stainless Steel Wire Rope.

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American Crane & Equipment provides more reasons why Overhead Lifting is the solution!


Control Your Load from a Safer Position

Radio remote controls and independent traveling pushbutton pendants allow the operator of Overhead Lifting Solutions to stand away from the load. This means that the operator is further removed from danger which reduces the risk of injury, and allows for a better view. In addition, it limits the risk of accidentally maneuvering the load into other workers in the area, walls, machinery, or other obstacles.

Safe and Effortless Maneuvering

With Overhead Lifting Solutions such as bridge cranes, gantry cranes and jib cranes, 90 degree maneuvers are typical. Monorails are often relied upon to increase efficiency by easily positioning materials along a set path. American Crane and Equipment can provide you with Overhead Lifting Solutions that range from manually operated systems which carefully spot loads, to highly automated systems which maneuver with the precision of one thousandth of the rated speed to an exact location.

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“Why use Overhead Lifting Solutions?” – American Crane & Equipment can help provide the answer!


Employees move in and out of manufacturing facilities and shipping/receiving areas throughout a normal work day. Overhead Lifting Systems work within a specific area and limit an employee’s exposure to potential accidents caused by dangers like forklift traffic. Overhead Lifting Systems move products safely.

Reduce Costs Associated with Accidents:Why use Overhead Lifting Solutions?

Have you considered costs associated with OSHA citations, lost work time, replacement of an injured employee, medical expenses, increased workers’ compensation rates, and potential lawsuits? These issues cost employers billions of dollars each year, making the purchase of safe lifting and moving systems not just ideal, but a practical and cost saving proposition.

Ergonomic Solutions Combat Workers Compensation Claims:

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), back injuries cost American industry 10 to 14 billion dollars in workers’ compensation costs and about 100 million work days annually. In the past, light loads were lifted manually contributing to the statistics of job related injuries due to repetitive movement, over-lifting, and uncommon body positioning. Installing a lifting and moving solution that limits the amount of manual handling by your employees is a good measure to prevent physical injury. Whether from a floor to a work bench or on and off an assembly line, handling 50 pounds or 50 tons; Overhead Lifting Solutions can be the smart choice. American Crane & Equipment Corporation can provide you with an Overhead Lifting System designed to safely and productively move your products.

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American Crane & Equipment Corporation offers standardized Low Headroom Built Up Hoisting Machinery meeting Class D and E requirements.

American Crane and Equipment Corporation offers standardized industrial hoist machinery which meets Class D and E requirements. All equipment is designed per CMAA Specification #70, Revised 2004. Certification is available upon request.

The Built Up Hoist is available in capacities up to 1000 Tons and is designed for high speed and heavy duty service. The hoist features the following: quality components, Magnetek (Electromotive) AFD Controls, hardened steel sheaves, and double grooved drum for true vertical lift. Optional features include hardened drum grooves, power circuit paddle limit, redundant holding brake, redundant drum brake, overload limiter and full quality assurance documentation.


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American Crane can help with wildlife preservation…

Man made dams along rivers can block the migration of many species of fish to their spawning grounds upriver; most notably the American Shad, Hickory Shad and Salmon. American Crane offers specialized lift equipment designed to assist fish in the migratory process of swimming upstream to these spawning areas.

Fish lifts work by using water currents to attract the migrating fish into a channel. The equipment safely crowds the fish into a lift station for transport upstream of the dam. Specialized features are designed into each system to offer highly reliable performance in an outdoor application under all weather conditions. American Crane is proud to supply products that preserve our precious wildlife resources.

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American Crane & Equipment Wishes You a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

American Crane and Equipment Corporation is proud to be an American owned and operated manufacturer. All our products are designed and built in the United States, including our full line of industrial cranes, hoists, lift beams, grapples, custom cranes and material handling equipment. American Crane and Equipment employs over 170 people, bolstering the financial climate of local and regional areas. We hope that our continued efforts help contribute to the recovery and growth of the United States economy.

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American Crane can make your hoisting applications less stressful!

American Crane and Equipment can supply you with the latest in CM Hurricane 360Hand Chain Hoists. The CM Hurricane 360? has a patented hand chain cover that rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for positioning, pulling and lifting of loads from virtually any angle, making it the only hoist of its kind in the industry. It is available in multiple configurations of lift, capacities (which range from 1/2 to 10 tons), and headroom. THe CM Hurricane 360 Hand Chain Hoists include a Standard Load Limiter and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.Check out the video below to see the CM Hurricane 360 in operation:

CM Hurricane 360 – Below the operator

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More American Crane custom designs…

Pictured below is a CMAA Class “E” Mill Duty Crane. A Mill Duty Crane is specifically manufactured to meet the service classification covered by AISE Standard 6 – “Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Crane for Steel Mill Service”. The crane pictured above was designed with an anti-swaying reeving arrangement (includes more ropes than a standard design) which reduces load swing ensuring precise alignment.

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