Bridge Cranes

Bridge cranes — industrial cranes that lift and move materials using a hoist with a hook, magnet, or other device to place a load at any point within its range— are used in various applications to move materials overhead.

Versatile and reliable, these cranes are used to handle steel, aluminum, and copper during metal refinement, transport raw materials for automotive manufacturing, and install or remove heavy presses in paper mills.

Because bridge cranes are mounted on an elevated system, they never touch the floor, allowing for efficient use of floor space and work areas. These cranes offer three axes of hook motion while ensuring optimal worksite efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Types of Bridge Cranes

Our overhead bridge cranes are available in two different configurations:

  • Top-running — Top-running bridge cranes are designed to handle heavy loads of 20 tons or more. These cranes require the use of building columns or, if handling extremely heavy loads, independent support columns.
  • Under-running — Although these cranes cannot handle extremely heavy loads, they offer much more versatility; because they’re lighter-weight, they can be hung directly overhead with no need for obstructive support columns. Also, under-running (or “underhung”) cranes can be used side by side without interfering with one another. These bridge cranes are ideal for loads up to 10 tons.

These cranes are available in either single- or double-girder style.

  • Single-girder — Single-girder bridge cranes have one girder supporting the trolley and hoist, which ride on the bottom flange of the runway beam. Single-girder top-running cranes can generally handle loads up to 20 tons.
  • Double-girder — These cranes features two bridge girders that support the trolley and hoist, which ride atop the girders. Double-girder bridge cranes usually offer better hook height, or lift. Top-running double-girder cranes can easily lift over 50 tons.

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