American Crane’s President Visits The White House

On July 7, 2010, President Obama announced the appointment of a number of top executives to the President’s Export Council; a group of government officials and private sector executives who provide advice on trade policy. Many of America’s business and labor leaders were in attendance to hear the Export Council speech in the East Room of The White House, including American Crane and Equipment’s President, Oddvar Norheim.
The main purpose of this council is to generate more United States exports, thus resulting in creating job growth. To help achieve this goal, small and medium sized businesses will receive increased access to export financing. In addition, American businesses will have free and fair access to new trade markets, as well as markets where trade has been inaccessible due to restrictive barriers. This team effort will help businesses unlock their energy and innovation, grow their markets, and create new positions to sell their goods and services globally.


President Obama giving his speech.



On right American Crane’s President
Oddvar Norheim at the White House.



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