American Crane sponsors “Diary of a Nuclear Tourist”

We are a proud sponsor of Suzy Hobbs Baker’s tour through nuclear facilities in Europe during February and March. Suzy is a nuclear energy advocate and serves as the executive director of PopAtomic Studios: an independent non-profit organization that uses the power of visual and liberal arts to enrich public discussion on atomic energy and how it affects our daily lives. Her tour was launched through the Nuclear Literacy Project, created in 2012 by PopAtomic Studios. The Nuclear Literacy Project aims to demystify nuclear technologies, as well as to learn how nuclear energy affects our daily lives.

Diary of a Nuclear TouristYou can follow Suzy’s journey by clicking the “Diary of a Nuclear Tourist” tab on the Nuclear Literacy’s Website. Her visits include Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, the International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria, the European Nuclear Society’s Conference for Nuclear Communicators in Switzerland, and more! With her tour and through her diary communication, Susie hopes to expand the dialogue on energy issues, exploring why nuclear technologies have flourished in some cultures, while being dismissed by others.

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