American Crane Keeping You Safe from Explosions

Our customers utilize cranes and hoists in many different environments. Some are relatively safe with few noticeable hazards, while others can be downright dangerous. If you have followed the news at all, you might have noticed that as the world’s manufacturing base has grown, so has the number of explosions from flammable liquids, vapors, gases, and especially combustible dust.

At American Crane, we have made it a point to direct a great deal of focus to this ever-growing problem. It is why we design and manufacture numerous cranes and hoists for hazardous areas. If the danger of a fire or explosion exists, our explosion-proof equipment is quite necessary. Because of our expertise in this critical area, our equipment is constructed and erected to offer the absolute highest level of protection. American Crane is so committed to safety that we carry cranes, hoists, and trolleys in four different areas of classification:

•Class I (Gas & Vapors), Division 1, Groups C and D
•Class I (Gas & Vapors), Division 2, Groups B, C and D
•Class II (Combustible Dusts), Division 1, Groups E, F and G
•Class II (Combustible Dusts), Division 2, Groups F and G

Products like our Spark Resistant Air Hoists and Explosion-Proof Enclosures are just a couple of the many different explosion proof items we offer.

At the end of the day, the safety of the clients we serve will always be job #1 for everyone at American Crane.

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