American Crane Assists in the Clean Up of One of the World’s Largest Areas of Radioactive Waste!

American Crane and Equipment is excited to announce its contribution to the construction of the world’s largest radio-active waste treatment plant. Our 3 ton Bridge Crane was recently installed at the Hanford Vitrification Plant, located in the southeastern part of Washington State.

When complete, this plant will process and stabilize radioactive and chemical waste which is currently stored in 177 aging underground tanks, located at the Hanford site. These tanks have been leaking waste (a byproduct of plutonium-production during WWII and Cold War) which is polluting the sub-surface, as well as the nearby Columbia River.

Our highly integrated and specialized Bridge Crane (weighing 6 tons and spanning over 17 feet) is designed and equipped to handle high levels of radiation via onboard systems that allow for remote operation and recovery. The special features of this crane enable the handling of the radioactive waste, which once vitrified will be placed in 55 gallon carbon steel drums.

These features include: Redundant hoist train drive components, Redundant bridge drive providing remote recovery capabilities, Additional retrieval capability in case of redundant bridge drive failure, and Redundant electrical circuits to prevent electrical common mode failures.

The Department of Energy commissioned the design and construction of the project to Bechtel National Corporation. The teamwork and cooperation between all parties involved in the project led to a successful and timely installation. For more articles related to this project visit or click here.


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