American Crane and the Nuclear Literacy Project

There’s no two ways about it, the nuclear power industry is at best misunderstood. No one industry has had more half-truths and un-researched opinions written about it. The Nuclear Literacy Project was created to help reduce intimidation often associated with the subject of Nuclear Energy.

Nuclear Literacy ProjectMargaret Harding is a nuclear engineer with almost 30 years of hands-on experience in almost all aspects of the industry. She worked on reactor designs for GE and now has her own firm, 4Factor Consulting.   Following last year’s tragedy at Fukushima in Japan, the media called upon Margaret to provide background information about nuclear energy and nuclear accidents.  In place of rumors and dire speculations, Margaret gave the public solid facts and the truth about how nuclear energy works.

It was during this difficult time that Margaret and a small group of professionals and supporters of nuclear energy got together to create the Nuclear Literacy Project. The project’s main goal was to be an independent resource to help the public learn more about nuclear technologies and to understand how they really affect our daily lives. Most of the public is not aware that nuclear reactors power our aircraft carriers and submarines and help create medicines that millions of Americans benefit from. More importantly, nuclear power supplies 20% of our energy. That’s a lot of air-conditioners and TV’s that wouldn’t run if safe and clean nuclear energy disappeared.

At American Crane, we are big fans of the Nuclear Literacy Project because it helps separate the fact and fiction of nuclear energy. We are proud that our cranes play a major role in making safe, affordable, and reliable nuclear power. If you want to learn more about the Nuclear Literacy Project, please visit their website today at

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