American Crane and Equipment Corporation can supply you with Forestry and Logging Tools

The Dixie division of Columbus McKinnon has been forging quality forestry and logging tools since 1910. American Crane can supply you with the only products which continue to utilize kiln-dried Hickory handles, which are 47% stronger than the maple used by other manufacturers. While the logging industry has moved to large equipment for commercial logging, there is still a large need for the traditional hand tools.

Check out our Forestry Tools on our website including Cant Hooks, Peavies & Hookaroons (for moving large logs), Pike Poles (which help to retrieve logs in mill ponds), Timber Carriers (which allow 2 people to lift large logs) and Tongs (for help with skidding and lifting large trees when cutting pulpwood).

For more information on all our products visit our homepage or email us at or call us at 1-877-877-6778.

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