A Time of Change and Disruption

Everyone is dealing with a huge amount of change and disruption right now.

But change and disruption are not new.  They are a normal part of business. A common obstacle to overcome and leverage is possible. What is new to the scene is the pace.

What is keeping you up at night?

For me, as the leader of one of the top overhead crane manufacturers in the USA, it is the rate and pace with which change is happening.  As a business leader, I look to work with vendors and partners who can help me stay ahead of waves of change here at American Crane and Equipment Corporation. As a partner, we strive to be one that can help our customers overcome these obstacles.

A new business landscape was unfolding before the challenges of 2020. We have entered a period of time with 10x speed up on digital advancements affecting industry. John Chambers, Former CEO CISCO, states this warning for business leaders – “50% of Fortune 500 Companies Won’t Exist in 10 Years.” This is in reference to our current period of time where you either disrupt or you get disrupted.

How do we manage this? What steps can we take?

Here are a few tips that we use here at American Crane:

Can I have a little help from my friends?

It has never been more important to select key partners and suppliers who will help you navigate the choppy waters of change. We value our key relationships and look for suppliers and partners who deliver on what they say they will do. We look for transparency with no surprises. This is also what we strive to provide to our customers.

Look beyond the Horizon.

We are always looking to the horizon for disruptive technologies and potential innovated solution. Make sure to your company has scouts looking to the horizon for opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Cultivate and Grow your Garden, your people.

Our amazing people are the key to our success. We have worked hard to create and maintain a culture of innovation and empowerment that allows our people to thrive. We embrace our people and our culture as our secret weapon. We call it GRIT Matters – Perseverance, Heart & Integrity. It has been essential during this crisis.  I am inspired and motivated by my amazing people who have risen to the occasion.  And I am grateful that our ship is continuing to float during this storm as many others are have much more difficulties than we do. This provides me with inspiration and motivation to stay the course and outlast the storm.

Stop the struggle, embrace digital transformation.

We embrace digital transformation combined with our ability to adapt, manage & leverage disruptive change, as yet another competitive advantage. This was critical to our survival in 2020 and will only continue to be so into the future.  We have experienced a speed up this digital transformation in our business operations and products as a manufacture of overhead cranes and hoists. The crane industry is no different. Digital transformation is affecting our industry. From smart designs and enhanced connectivity to Remote diagnostics, maintenance monitoring and automated positioning. We can now make our equipment intelligent, thru advanced crane technology, providing us with valuable feedback on safety, reliability, and efficiency. This can help extend the life of your equipment while providing scalable and safe lifting solutions.  This all can translate into reduced downtime, cost saving on maintenance and extended life your equipment. As a crane technology leader, we have been pushing the technology edges of our products, solving the toughest challenges for our customers, and providing overhead lifting and material handling solutions for almost 50 years. Whether in the office, in the shop or in the field, we do not shy away from the waves of change from digital advancements, instead we seek to learn to surf them and make them a part of our business.

Your Expert, Craftsman and Partner – Trust American Crane as your top overhead crane manufacturer and supplier in the USA

As one of the top overhead crane manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, we care about the success of not just our equipment but our customers. And as a partner to our customers, we strive to help make their lives easier by providing excellent project management. It is our job to make the process of purchasing, engineering, and installing your overhead lifting needs as painless as possible. We understand that our products are tools to help you get to the real work, your work… Letting you serve your customers.

We are passionate about delighting our customers.

We want to be your best partner, delivering what we say we will. Our mission is to make our customers’ live easier. We do what we commit to do, do it well and do it on-schedule. At American Crane, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you find the perfect solutions for your application.

When you work with us, we deliver as the expert in our technology, as a partner to make sure you project goes smoothly working thru any challenges with you, no surprises. And, as a craftsman, providing reliable, quality equipment backed by our know-how.  This is what we demand of our vendors and partners, and what you should require from yours. You can have high expectations of American Crane as your partner for all your overhead lifting needs.


Karen Norheim

President & COO

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