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  1. Unique Uses for Industrial Rigging Equipment

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    As big supporters of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we’re always looking for ways to appeal to wide audiences. Many programs are now being incorporated into school curriculums that focus on approachable engineering concepts to get kids excited about hands-on careers. Whether it is robotics challenges, to coding events, to inviting guest speakers to discuss what makes a technical career so enjoyable; the methods vary, but the goal is very much the same.

    But one often neglected option is showing how industrial products can contribute to creative artistic pursuits. Not every child will be interested in programming robots or building bridges. This does not mean they’re not creative; just that they apply their creativity to different things – like art.

    From STEM to STEAM

    Already, the shift to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is becoming more apparent as more lessons diversify to accommodate different student interests and strengths. But can a subject like art relate to more industrial topics? Absolutely!

    A perfect example of industrial equipment being used for creative pursuits is Columbus McKinnon (CM) rigging equipment bringing a hanging sculpture to life in Vancouver, Canada. The artist, Janet Echelman wanted to create an installation that would be suspended from nearby buildings. The piece weighed more than a ton, with 145 miles of braided fiber and 860,000 hand/machine made knots.

    To ensure public safety around such a heavy installation, industrial rigging equipment was a must. In the end, CM Master Links and CM Master Rings were selected thanks to their superb strength.

    Without access to heavy-duty equipment, such an impressive art installation would not have been safe or possible. This is just one unique example of how industrial technology contributes to making the world a more beautiful place.

    For more information about how our products serve unexpected uses, feel free to browse our case studies online.