Quality Assurance Programs

Did you know that American Crane offers three levels of Q.A. programs?

Nuclear Quality Program

American Crane’s Nuclear Quality Program (QAM-96) and implementing procedures address the full 18 point nuclear criteria. This program has been used to provide safety related, single failure proof cranes and trolleys, and other specialized lift equipment to numerous nuclear power plants. This program has been used to supply equipment for aerospace and government applications.

Augmented Quality ProgramAugmented Quality Program

American Crane offers customized quality programs that provide customer specific quality solutions.

Standard Commercial Quality Program

We also offer a commercial quality program that implements the key quality controls that meet the requirements for most industrial applications.

To visit our Quality Assurance Programs page click here OR for more information contact us via email at sales@americancrane.com or call us direct at 1-877-877-6778.


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