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Clean Room Cranes: Applications & Features

American Crane and Equipment Corporation was recently contracted to build a critical lift crane. We produced a customized 25 Ton Top Running Double Girder Crane, which was installed at the Kennedy Space Center and used to build the Orion spacecraft. …

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How to Improve Safety & Efficiency with Aerospace Critical Lifts

When you have an aerospace critical lift that could impact your project or the environment, it’s doubly important to follow all the proper procedures for safety and compliance. Many people are unsure of the exact legal requirements and the best …

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American Crane’s Online Store Offers a Variety of Standard and Customized Products

From construction to nuclear power, waste handling and warehousing, there are thousands of different applications for cranes.  American Crane has something in our inventory that can assist you with your heavy-lifting needs.  View our online store to see what we …

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Join Us At The Used Fuel Management Conference!

Did you know that nuclear energy generates on-demand electricity around the clock? Not only is nuclear energy’s potential huge for providing power to millions around the world, but it is also essential in keeping the environment healthy as well. As …

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Trends in the Aerospace Industry

An industry doesn’t move forward without innovation. It doesn’t progress without people coming forward and challenging the status quo as a means of advancement and progression. That’s currently occurring at an unprecedented pace in the aerospace industry, as innovation and …

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Reduce Outage Costs with the Telescoping Jib Crane

Power plant outages are one of the leading causes of utility costs. In only one day, these outages can cause millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses. These outages are also made worse by the fact that they become more frequent …

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Making it Happen for Women in STEM

Throughout history, women have played a significant role in propelling science and technology forward. Consider the contributions made by Ada Lovelace who is touted as the mind behind the concept of computer programming, or Hedy Lamarr, the multi-talented actress who …

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Are You Celebrating Engineers Week This Year?

From February 22 -28, 2015, people around the country will be taking part in Engineers Week. The event aims to increase awareness of the many ways engineers contribute to our lives, and teach people of all ages about the importance …

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Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight Interview

Check out this clip!

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Unique Uses for Industrial Rigging Equipment

As big supporters of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we’re always looking for ways to appeal to wide audiences. Many programs are now being incorporated into school curriculums that focus on approachable engineering concepts to get kids excited …

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