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American Crane Celebrates Manufacturing Day!

On Manufacturing Day, Friday, October 3rd, we invited 35 Exeter High School students to tour our facility. Exeter High School, located in Reading, PA, has implemented a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (or S.T.E.M.) based program into their curriculum and asked us, along with other local businesses to partner with them to support this innovative initiative.

After learning more about overhead cranes, hoists and their applications, the students took a tour of our six manufacturing bays. They walked through areas where activities such as material preparation, machining, welding, electrical assembly, shipping/receiving and engineering occur daily. In addition, the students learned about manufacturing job titles like machinists, fitters, electricians, mechanics, as well as electrical, mechanical, welding and structural engineers and designers.







We will continue to be a resource for this invaluable educational program, offered for the first time this year by Exeter High School. For more information about careers in manufacturing visit



Stacking Lockheed Martin’s Orion Crew Module for NASA

For many years now, American Crane & Equipment Corporation has been lifting some of the most mission-critical materials in the world. But recently, we extended our reach to mission-critical materials that are out-of-this world, too.

Lifting the Orion Crew Module - photo credit to NASALifting the Orion Crew Module – photo credit to NASA

For many years now, American Crane & Equipment Corporation has been lifting some of the most mission-critical materials in the world. But recently, we extended our reach to mission-critical materials that are out-of-this world, too.

This summer, our 25 ton double girder clean room crane (with single failure-proof hoist) was entrusted with the important job of lifting Lockheed Martin’s Orion crew module and fitting it atop their service module. This particular crane was ideally suited for the job thanks to its micro speed movements, which allowed for precision in this delicate operation.

The unmanned Orion space capsule will be launched on a Delta IV Heavy Rocket later this year, traveling 3,600 miles beyond low-Earth orbit. The mission will be a quick test flight that returns the same day, and will help ensure that future flights will be safe for a crew.

Orion is NASA’s first spacecraft designed for long-term, manned space exploration. The goal is to bring humans safely to asteroids, the moon, and eventually Mars. The capsule represents major strides in aerospace exploration technology, and American Crane is proud of our role in bringing these future missions into fruition. Our 25 ton double girder clean room crane is perfect for these types of projects thanks to a combination of self-locking fasteners, runway conductor bars enclosed in plastic housing, a debris shield on the lower block, and kick-plates that run across all the walkways, capturing dirt and debris.

For more information about our work with Lockheed Martin and other major aerospace companies, feel free to call us at 1.877.877.6778 or visit our Contact Us page to find the appropriate person for your query. We look forward to speaking with you.

Talk to American Crane at the 2014 American Nuclear Society Utility Working Conference

Since 1994, the Operations and Power Division of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) has held an annual Utility Working Conference (UWC) for leaders in the nuclear industry to focus on the immediate needs, challenging issues, and ongoing developments within this quickly changing sector. Over the years, the event has grown into an exhibition with over 650 industry professionals in attendance. We are pleased to confirm that American Crane will be attending this year’s show in Amelia Island, Florida from August 10-13.

Icon ACECO_Crane_Upgrades_for_Dry_Spent_Fuel_Storage

Crane for Dry Spent Fuel Storage

The 2014 Utility Working Conference will be filled with numerous educational sessions, exhibits, activities, and other events for attendees to learn from and network with those in the nuclear energy industry. We look forward to showcasing our cranes, hoists, and other specialized lift systems for the nuclear industry.

We supply failure-proof replacement cranes and trolleys for dry spent fuel storage operations, as well as custom designed systems for required applications. Our in-house engineering team ensures that all products will function in a safe and effective manner, and our Nuclear Quality Assurance Program complies with 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, and ASME NQA-1 quality standards. We even have a full-time service group dedicated to regular crane maintenance.

If you’re planning to attend this year’s Utility Working Conference, be sure to visit us at booth number 406. Speak with our knowledgeable representatives and see how our specialized nuclear lift systems can be incorporated into your plant operation.

A Look at What’s Driving Growth and Optimism in the Construction Sector

According to a Wells Fargo Construction Industry Forecast for 2014, optimism in the construction sector has risen to an all-time high this year. This is a major achievement considering the industry hit an all-time low just a few years ago in 2009.

Survey respondents polled for the Forecast cited “economic uncertainty” and “political uncertainty” as their main concerns for the industry, with the threat of rising interest rates and new regulations posing a possible risk as well. Overall, however, respondents were optimistic about the improving economic situation, anticipating growth for the construction industry.

According to additional information gathered by Reed Construction Data, infrastructure development is also getting a boost thanks to the expansion of other industries such as health care, higher education, leisure and travel, and more. With new initiatives like the Affordable Care Act, the increasing demand for more health care facilities is already evident as Urgent Care centers spring up across the country. And in Florida in particular, the state is seeing a strong tourism industry driving the need for more multi-dwelling buildings such as hotels. There is also a noted rise in demand for multifamily housing in residential areas – which is a trend being experienced in Florida, as well as the rest of the country.

With all of this data at hand, it’s clear to see that there is a growing need for construction companies and professionals as the economy continues to pick up. We also expect to see a rise in construction equipment sales to accommodate the growing sector. American Crane has a wide variety of products to serve construction contractors. For more information, please visit us online to learn more.

Visit American Crane at Booth #14 at the NEI Used Fuel Management Conference

For nuclear power plant professionals, including fuel managers, compliance personnel, engineers, suppliers, contractors, and more, the Nuclear Energy Institute has created the must-attend Used Fuel Management Conference. The event will bring together attendees from all areas of the nuclear supply chain and include informational sessions to improve efficiency and management of used fuel in the nuclear industry.

The Used Fuel Management Conference will be taking place from May 6-8, 2014 at Renaissance Vinoy in St. Petersburg, FL. Each day will feature a continental breakfast before delving into the day-long schedule of activities. About 250 used fuel specialists are expected to attend, making it a great opportunity to network and show off products and services that support the growing nuclear industry.

As a leading provider of cranes, hoists, and other specialized lift systems for nuclear industry, American Crane looks forward to meeting with representatives from other companies in this field. We even supply failure-proof replacement cranes and trolleys specifically for dry spent fuel storage operations, which is especially pertinent to the Conference’s target audience. In addition, our trained staff is well-versed in the regular maintenance of plant cranes to ensure proper function when dealing with spent nuclear fuel storage.

American Crane will be exhibiting at Booth #14 at the Conference. Stop by to learn more about our products and services and how they can address your nuclear plant needs. You can also stay in touch by following us on Twitter. We look forward to meeting you!

Equipment Built to Withstand the Harshest Conditions at Hazardous Duty Locations

The oil and gas sector has been receiving a surge of attention thanks to its role in moving industry forward and bringing the U.S. back from recession. The sector has thus seen booming demand as energy requirements continue to increase, leading to a flood of opportunity and growing investment domestically. But this area of work is not for the faint of heart, and involves a very high degree of risk for workers. For this reason, it is vital to have the right equipment to support such hazardous conditions.

explosion1small-1-explosion_proof_pictureAmerican Crane is continuously working to improve jobsite processes and ensure the safety of workers and equipment. Our explosion-proof equipment serves this need, as do our remote controlled cranes that are especially recommended for operations involving immediate danger. By keeping people out of the line of fire, they are better able to perform their job without risking life and limb.

Our custom designed and manufactured jib cranes can even include spark resistant components which enable them to be used for offshore drilling purposes. They are also engineered to withstand corrosion in the offshore marine environment. In addition, all cranes and hoists supplied to the oil and gas industry can be uniquely tailored for the hazardous conditions present in this field. These custom safety features have no impact on the functionality of the equipment, and only add to the product’s utility at hazardous jobsites.

For more information about the equipment we have available to serve the oil and gas sector, please feel free to browse our online materials. For more information about American Crane, watch our company video to gain a better understanding of our company and capabilities.

Custom Equipment Gets the Job Done Right

Shopping for big equipment to help with oil and gas exploration, outages at power plants, repairs on iconic bridges, and lifting components in the Aerospace Industry is no small feat. You need to feel confident about what you are buying and know that you are investing in equipment that will hold up under pressure and best suit your specific needs.

Our highly qualified engineering department produces innovative solutions that easily translate to drawings and manufactured fabrications and parts. Over the years we have created unique designs that have provided exceptional challenges with comprehensive solutions. Essentially, we can design and manufacture almost any welded fabrication or part that can be imagined to support a custom crane program. Check out some of our design capabilities that make it all possible:

  • Use of the latest 3-D design software
  • Fabrication and part testing capabilities
  • Quality assurance program
  • Inspection reports available, when required


We have the experience and expertise to meet your unique requirements and to move quickly from design concept to manufacturing.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Customization to your specific application


  • Procurement
              Commercial grade dedication
  • Fabrication including:
              Plasma cutting
              Welding to AWS standards
    Various epoxy/urethane nuclear coatings
  • Machining including:
              Numerous CNC and manual machine tools
    7″ horizontal boring mill with 30 foot horizontal travel and 13 foot vertical travel
  • Testing Services
              Acceptance testing
              Mock-up testing
              Load testing to 2500 tons
  • Inspection Services
              Visual weld inspection per AWS standards
              MT, LP, UT, & RT by ASNT-TC-1A qualified technicians, Coating inspectionFor additional information regarding your application contact us today at 1-877-877-6778 or email our sales department.

Proudly Announcing Increased CMCO Stock!

A little holiday present from us to our loyal customers…

American Crane has increased and added to our Columbus McKinnon stock inventory! It will now be easier than ever to view and purchase the trusted quality of your favorite CMCO brand parts. The newly added parts and equipment are valued over $800,000 and are available for immediate purchase. The reliable products you know and love such as the Coffing’s JLC Electric Chain Hoist and CM’s Man Guard Electric Chain Hoist can now be shipped on the same day that you order them! But state of the art new equipment isn’t all we’ve stocked for you… we’ve also collected more than 200 replacement parts to help you get your equipment up and running quickly, reducing downtime and aiding in repairs.

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Adding these exceptional new products to our inventory is just another example of our commitment to quality and to supplying our customers with the best parts and equipment to fit their budgets. As always, our commitment to quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing continues to set us apart as an exceptional supplier of the outstanding crane and hoist equipment.

Check out a product review of the CM Hurricane 360 here!

Shop online at or call us toll free at 1-877-877-6778.

American Crane Sponsors National Nuclear Science Week

Did you know that 18 million nuclear medicine procedures are performed per year in the United States, or that 20 percent of our electricity is generated by nuclear power? Nuclear science plays a much bigger role in our daily lives than many Americans are aware of which is why “National Nuclear Science Week” was created. From October 21st to October 25th, organizations all over the country, including the Department of Energy, partner to promote National Nuclear Science Week to help spread awareness about the technology and career opportunities in the field.

American Crane supported these efforts by contributing to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During National Nuclear Science Week, the museum offered a week long program filled with educational activities for 673 middle and high school students and teachers throughout the Albuquerque Public School System. Sponsorship of the program enabled the museum to provide students with bus transportation and an agenda that included energy related activities that delved into the center of an atom, the Periodic Table, nuclear fuel, Nano science, magnetism and more. Focus areas were creatively turned into themed days entitled: “Get to Know Nuclear”, “Nuclear Careers”, “Energy Generation”, “Safety” and “Nuclear Medicine & Radiology”.

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