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AL-vac and American Crane

AL-vac Vacuum LifterAt American Crane and Equipment, we are pleased to offer a full range of AL-vac vacuum products and accessories. Our products and accessories include vacuum lifters, manipulators, electric chain hoists, cranes (single-hand operated, jib, and ceiling-mounted bridges). These powerful lifters rely on industrial-strength vacuum suction to grip and lift boxes, pails, drums, kegs, or sheets of material. The reliable and efficient performance of these machines has been tested and proven, again and again. There is every chance that AL-vac products will give your business – whatever it might be – considerable ROI.

Whether you need to lift a few pounds or several tons, the smooth action of AL-vac products, with pads designed for specific applications, makes them easy to operate, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing any labor costs associated with production, lead, and delivery time. AL-vac units can either be free-standing or attached to a forklift truck – consequently reducing the time spent loading boxes, pails, sheets of material, kegs, barrels, and drums onto a pallet. To cap things off, they better ensure the safety of both operator and load. AL-vac vacuum lifters are perfect for a wide variety of industries including food/beverage, furniture, automotive, steel, cargo and airfreight, as well as chemical.

Not only can it do this, but the use of vacuum power to lift your materials can reduce the number of injuries sustained at your warehouse or worksite. Seeing how much money gets lost to injuries each year, (some say upwards of $82 billion; some estimates would place it as high as $155.5B annually), as well as an average rate of 3.5 fatalities per 100,000 work injuries per year, it only makes sense to take advantage of AL-vac products.

If you’re looking to increase material handling efficiency, and boost safety levels all at one go, contact American Crane today and let us find the right AL-vac vacuum product for you.

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